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{dede:fi We are committed to providing outstanding service for outstanding customers, providing a common platform for outstanding partners, and providing fertile soil for the growth of outstanding employees
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  • Resposibility

    Be trustworthy with clients, devoted to family, accountable for the team, and focused on the company's interest.

  • Struggle

    Customer centric, self striving as the driving force, company value oriented, and continuous struggle!

  • Coordination

    Collaborative development to build a healthy ecosystem of upstream and downstream supply chains, industrial chains, and value chains.

  • Growth

    Keep going, keep growing. Cultivate self, company, and partner through growth, and take responsibility for society.

Digital Services
Automatic collection, analysis and intelligent control of device operation data, Remote fault diagnosis and operation and maintenance; Remote fault diagnosis and operation and maintenance,R&D and Innovation,forming an integrated layout of process, design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance
Integration of design and manufacturing
Integrated Supply of Supezet Large Petrochemical Plant, High degree of collaboration between design and manufacturing; Deep integration of design and manufacturing, Promoting modular and standardized development mode
Integrated Manufacturing and Industrial Chain Collaboration
Realizing collaborative manufacturing upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, Completing integrated manufacturing of large petrochemical plants; Establishing strategic alliances, Realizing the leap development from single equipment manufacturing to device manufacturing
One Stop Factory Spare Parts Supermarket for Industrial Furnace Products
Traditional manufacturing industry parts processing with supplied materials, Manufacturing according to drawings; Lack of competitiveness, no core technology, at the bottom

Rich experience in product design, manufacturing, and on-site service
While achieving the performance of more than ten domestic first large-scale projects and industry innovation, SupeZET has accumulated rich experience in product design, production, and on-site service, which can quickly form product supply capabilities that meet the special requirements of domestic and foreign customers, thus laying a solid foundation for the in-depth development of SupeZET in the direction of collaborative manufacturing, design and manufacturing integration, and intelligent products and services.

Designing and Manufacturing integration concept
Inspired by the integrated supply model of large-scale petrochemical plants, Supezet has established an integrated design and manufacturing model based on collaborative manufacturing. It has used information technology to create an integrated design and manufacturing platform, working closely with designers, manufacturers, patent vendors, and suppliers to achieve technical optimization throughout the entire process of engineering projects from basic design to manufacturing, eliminating design redundancy, reducing manufacturing difficulties, and improving manufacturing efficiency, Diversified forms of design subcontracting (subcontracting, crowdsourcing, collaborative design), standardized design, and gradually forming a new engineering model with characteristics and a market.

Device digitization service
Remote fault diagnosis and operation and maintenance support concept
Taking ethylene cracking furnaces and production areas as application objects, relying on advanced ethylene cracking processes, we develop core software with independent intellectual property rights for process monitoring, production control, and process optimization in ethylene production areas. Based on advanced ethylene cracking processes, key data of ethylene cracking are collected. Internet technology is used as the data transmission medium to comprehensively and deeply mine, analyze, and respond to the collected industrial data in real time, achieving the goal of data interconnection throughout the ethylene production process. With data driven as the core, intelligent control, process optimization, and safe, efficient, and reliable long-term operation of ethylene production are realized.

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