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{dede:fi Promote the integration of the design industry chain and open up the innovation industry chain by integrating and coordinating the manufacturing industry chain
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  • Shanghai Digital Innovation Center
    The Supezet Digital Innovation Center concentrates on national strategic areasincluding petrochemical, natural gas chemical, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, and new materials. It focuses on key technologies such as digital design, digital analysis, and digital manufacturing, builds a platform for digital design and manufacturing innovation capabilities, develops core processes and technologies for key areas of digital and intelligent manufacturing, breaks industry bottlenecks, and innovates industry models, and has developed proprietary technologies in the field of petroleum refining, including propane dehydrogenation and catalytic cracking.
  • Whole industrial chain cluster base for chemical plants
    hanghai Supezet Engineering Technology Corporation Limited finances and builds the Zhejiang Energy Industrial Chain Cluster Base. Presently, it has attracted more than ten renowned domestic and international businesses, and the benefits of agglomeration are becoming increasingly apparent. The base is dedicated to accelerating the accumulation of upstream and downstream supporting enterprises in the petrochemical device industry, amassing innovative elements such as technology, talent, and capital, and establishing a high-end petrochemical device integration industry highland with a complete industrial chain, complete factors, and complete ecosystem.
  • Industrial furnace whole industry chain integration base
    Supezet Intelligent Heavy Equipment Industrial Park adopts a new model of design, manufacturing integration and digital empowerment to provide a comprehensive and first-class cooperation platform for petrochemical professional product enterprises. Since the opening of the Industrial Park, it has been committed to the construction of standardized and intelligent carriers, introducing many high-end manufacturing enterprises from home and abroad to settle in, forming a whole industrial chain system from design and development, production and sales, to transportation services, and achieving industrial collaboration, diversified co creation, and market win-win results.     
  • Petrochemical core equipment manufacturing base
    As the first production base of Supezet, Zhuojing has been deeply engaged in the manufacturing of petrochemical core equipment for many years, and has developed into a leading enterprise in the petrochemical industry, providing comprehensive services such as the import and export, installation, and commissioning of industrial furnace accessories. On the basis of independent research and development, Zhuojing has continuously developed and created automated production lines and intelligent digital detection systems to quickly respond to customers' diverse needs.
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