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Service value
In the future, the design industry chain and the manufacturing industry chain of SupeZET Share will be carried out in parallel. The integration and collaboration of the manufacturing industry chain will promote the integration of the design industry chain, open up the innovation industry chain, make synchronous use of the new generation of digital and intelligent technologies, and combine engineering design with traditional manufacturing and traditional products through network collaboration and resource reorganization. To provide customers with standardized complete sets of equipment formed by proprietary technology and process, build an industrial chain integration platform for chemical equipment, and realize the integration of design and manufacturing.
Manufacturing industry chain:
Relying on the national development strategy of regional integration in the Yangtze River Delta and based on the two bases of Jingjiang in Jiangsu and Daishan in Zhejiang, SupeZET Shares integrates engineering design with traditional manufacturing, process technology with traditional products, and improves its independent research and development, manufacturing and system integration capabilities. Including industrial furnace drum system, furnace body system, heat exchange system, waste heat utilization system, electric instrument and control system and other core systems of petrochemical equipment, forming petrochemical equipment industrial cluster, promoting industrial collaborative development, and realizing the industrial chain development mode of industrial furnace and petrochemical equipment dual-core manufacturing.
Design industry chain:
SupeZET adheres to the concept of "1+1 > 2", deeply integrating manufacturing and design, cooperating with highly qualified and high-level external design institutes and well-known manufacturers at home and abroad to expand the cooperation channel of production, university and research, forming the integration of design and manufacturing for chemical plant process, equipment, pipeline, steel structure, and vigorously developing ethylene upstream and downstream technologies. And new processes and technologies related to petrochemical industry, oil refining, energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent equipment, etc., to vigorously promote "Made in China" to "designed in China".
Innovation industry chain:
SupeZET Shares follows the law of technological development, adheres to the "created in China", closely combines the innovation chain with the industrial chain, breaks the dependence on foreign technology through the petrochemical device innovation consortium, develops new technology on the existing devices, builds a collaborative innovation platform to integrate domestic and foreign design resources, reintroduces, quickly digesters, absorbs and innovates equally. Increase the research and development of the whole industrial chain and process technology equipment of the chemical industry, and realize the development of localization, specialization, intelligence and integration of industrial equipment.
Make a chain intelligently:
SupeZET will rely on its own innovation advantages in design and manufacturing, gather all industrial chain enterprises for collaborative development, and form a network of integrated chains, reflecting the agglomeration effect of industrial chain. By intelligent means, SupeZET will fully develop the manufacturing capacity of the whole industrial chain, transform manufacturing into intelligent manufacturing, accelerate the gathering into a manufacturing strength rich in innovation and fearless of competition, and form a breakthrough in manufacturing from multi-dimensional integration. With the industrial chain as the link, supplemented by the whole network of industrial upgrading, with real intelligent manufacturing capacity, to provide customers with the best service, improve customer value.

SupeZET Group will leverage its industrial agglomeration advantages in the future, utilizing digital systems, information technology, cloud based testing, intelligent management services, and operation and maintenance to achieve sustainable development of the interconnected ecosystem and move towards the localization of petrochemical equipment.
Engineering management:
SupeZET Group utilizes an intelligent digital system, with digital display and numerical control covering the entire company's processes, fully integrating industrialization and informatization to ensure project progress visualization and achieve management efficiency improvement. In the future, SupeZET Group will use internet technology as a data transmission medium to conduct deep mining, real-time analysis, and rapid response of collected industrial data, achieving intelligent control, process optimization, and safe, efficient, and reliable long-term operation of device production.

Digital intelligence service:
The application of intelligent and information technology can perceive the real needs of customers, provide customers with graphic, visual and digital overall solutions, realize the intelligent operation and predictive maintenance of delivery projects, and realize the value of the whole life cycle of device operation.

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations:
SupeZET Stock uses intelligent inspection and maintenance system to monitor equipment status in real time, and replaces manual detection through cloud processing, which saves time, greatly improves the intelligent level of equipment management, synchronizes analysis and feedback of dynamics, detects intelligent diagnosis independently, and realizes real-time monitoring, early warning and deviation correction in the whole life cycle of projects.

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