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Shanghai Supezet Engineering Technology Corporation Limited
       Shanghai Supezet Engineering Technology Corporation Limited (SupeZET, Stock generation Codes 688121) is a large-scale petrochemical equipment integration service provider that has created an integrated and modular supply of equipment in the petrochemical industry via technological R&D innovation, investment, and development in the integration of the entire industrial chain. It has developed multidimensionally in innovative application fields, such as modular production of petrochemical equipment and intelligent operation and maintenance of devices, and has provided customers with more exceptional products and services.The corporation consists of SupeZET (JingJiang) Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Bosong Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Supezet Digital and Intelligent Energy Co., Ltd., and Supezet (Zhejiang) Integrated Technology Co., Ltd.

Development evolution: Take-off in a proper way
       SupeZET has a long history of involvement in the petrochemical equipment manufacturing industry, as well as a wealth of development expertise and a solid development base.In 2003, the company's focus was on the production of parts; In 2006, a modular production model for industrial furnaces was created; In 2008, domestic replacement of industrial furnaces was completed; In 2013, industrial furnace integration innovation was carried out; Construct a national model of production and chemical integration for industrial furnaces and petrochemical devices in 2018; It made a breakthrough in its own process technology in 2019; In 2021, the key technologies of ethylene and propylene was localised, and design and production was integrated.

Tap into the world market Share the future
       SupeZET petrochemical equipment supply and service projects are distributed in multiple provinces and municipalities in North China, East China, Northeast China, Central China, South China, Southwest and Northwest China, forming a nationwide development layout. At the same time, SupeZET actively promotes the development process of globalization, with footprints in multiple countries and regions such as Asia, Europe, North America, Africa, has an outstanding name and reputation in the field of petrochemical equipment services at home and abroad.           

Product service: innovation and leadership
       Through technological innovation and industrial chain integration, SupeZET have innovated the supply mode of petrochemical equipment, creating a new business form of integrated manufacturing and joint export of domestic petrochemical equipment. Driven by the new mode of industrial chain integration and integrated supply, the company has achieved more than ten major project achievements at home and abroad, including the first large-scale modular supply of cracking furnaces, the joint export of ethylene cracking processes and devices in China, the overall supply mode of factory manufacturing and on-site installation, the overall module supply of domestic large-scale styrene furnaces, and the domestic large-scale ethylene device project (Zhejiang Petrochemical 1.4 million t/a ethylene device project). Through breaking through industry bottlenecks and innovating industry models, we have accumulated rich engineering experience in product design, production and on-site construction, and have the ability to meet the diverse needs of domestic and foreign customers and integrate solutions.
       Supezet actively carries out industry-university-research cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, and vigorously develops new processes, new technologies, and new products in related fields such as petrochemical industry, natural gas chemical industry, energy conservation and environmental protection, and intelligent equipment.After years of technological innovation and R&D investment, unique patented technologies in the petroleum refining and chemical fields such as propane dehydrogenation and catalytic cracking proprietary process packages have been formed.

Gather strength and talent to build a better future together
       With a professional and high-quality team, innovation and service, SupeZET is committed to becoming a trusted and preferred partner for customers. All along, SupeZET adheres to the values of "responsibility, struggle, synergy, and growth" and is committed to the corporate vision of "innovation, synergy, green, openness, and sharing". 
       While focusing on its own business development, SupeZET also consciously fulfills its social responsibilities, striving to give back to society through its own development, improve the development level of surrounding poor families through counterpart assistance, poverty alleviation and education assistance, and actively participate in public welfare undertakings such as road construction, environmental protection and greening, disaster relief and epidemic prevention, making due contributions to promoting rural construction and promoting local economic and social development. During the epidemic in 2020, SupeZET actively responded to epidemic prevention policies and calls, and fully cooperated with local epidemic prevention work; In 2021, epidemic prevention has not been lax, and epidemic prevention management has been properly carried out in accordance with regulations every day, and epidemic prevention norms such as access control and environmental disinfection and sterilization have been strictly implemented, focusing on safe production, daily epidemic prevention, and contributing to the fight against epidemic.

Set sail to the vast blue ocean
       In September 2021, SupeZET was officially listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, officially setting sail in the blue ocean of capital!
       In the future, SupeZET will rely on the national development strategy of regional integeration in the Yangtze River Delta, commit to digital services, industrial interconnection, and industrial co prosperity. Adhering to the development strategy of "smart manufacturing in the chain, and symbiosis between industry and finance", it will continuously strengthen technological innovation, promote the coordinated development of the three industrial chains of manufacturing, design, and innovation, create more value for investors, customers, partners, and employees, and create more beauty for society!
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