Strive to build a win-win platform and actively develop a circular economy
Since its establishment, SupeZET Group has relied on national development strategies and closely followed the trend of global manufacturing development. While striving to become bigger and stronger, it has consciously integrated social responsibility into the entire process of corporate strategy and cultural management.
As an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, SupeZET Shares actively implements the principle of sustainable development and promises to operate the company under the premise of health, safety and environmental protection. Under the requirements of national low-carbon economy, the company is speeding up technological transformation, building a safety and environmental protection system, realizing the goals of cost and consumption reduction, energy conservation and emission reduction, developing circular economy, and protecting people's health. Undertake due social responsibilities.
As a petrochemical equipment manufacturing enterprise for many years, SupeZET makes full use of the high-quality geographical location of "One Belt, One Road" and the Yangtze River Delta, grasps opportunities and amplifies advantages, builds an industrial collaboration platform, introduces multi-party cooperation to complement each other's advantages, establishes intelligent production lines to form intelligent products, strengthens regional clusters, and realizes integrated manufacturing and joint export of domestic equipment. We will improve the international competitiveness and market share of domestic equipment, upgrade the industrial level, and show the style of China in the international market.
While developing the economy, the company never forgets to fulfill its social responsibilities and actively participates in various social public welfare undertakings. SupeZET has always taken "win-win, co-creation and sharing" as its development philosophy, and has created high-quality and convenient conditions for employees in employment, education, medical care, elderly care and other aspects, and has improved the development level of impoverished families around by carrying out matching assistance, poverty alleviation and other ways. At the same time, it actively participates in public welfare undertakings such as road construction, environmental protection and greening, disaster relief and epidemic prevention, and makes due contributions to rural construction and local economic and social development.
SupeZET will continue to uphold the purpose of "committed to public welfare, advocate corporate responsibility, care for employees' growth and promote social progress", strengthen social responsibility and moral construction, promote the further integration of enterprises and social public welfare undertakings, and make positive contributions to creating a "mutual progress, beautiful and harmonious" social environment.
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