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Journey like a song,The mountains and seas are not far away丨SupeZET shares chairman's New Year speech
       A new beginning, all things new,the compass of history has moved forward another notch.
       2021 is a special time scale: in the post-epidemic period, the gradual adjustment of the world order, the accelerated changes in the economic pattern, the fierce competition in the development of enterprises, the opportunity and confrontation in the tide of The Times, people's expectations for the future and confusion coexist, and where to go and where to return has become a speculative problem that all industries need to face.
       From the in-depth observation of ancient and modern telephoto lenses, and the open contrast of regional wide-angle lenses, the level of ecological civilization construction is closely linked to the fate of mankind, and the path and achievements of sustainable development are closely linked to the comprehensive strength of the country. China has accelerated the construction of a "double cycle" new development pattern and the strategic deployment of the "double carbon" goal, which has brought higher challenges to the domestic petrochemical related industries in terms of industrial structure adjustment, core technology innovation and market optimization and development.
       Moonlight and wind, foundation and rain. We are deeply pleased that through the in-depth understanding and law summary of the development of the industry, we have already foreseen this development trend and raised it to a strategic height:We are committed to achieving a high concentration of manufacturing, design and innovation industry chains, forming a strong and resilient industrial development network, and realizing the joint construction and sharing of the whole industry chain resources; We are deeply engaged in the field of scientific and technological innovation and digital intelligent development, adhere to innovation-driven development, increase the weight of independent research and development, and improve energy conservation and efficiency for production and construction; We have long driven the innovation and development path of operation and management mode to build a strong foundation for business expansion and capital management and accumulate potential energy. We base on experience, make efforts in innovative practice, simplify complexity, and look forward to the future.
        “Make a chain intelligently,Symbiosis of industry and finance”Not only is the macro strategic planning of the future development of SupeZET Shares, but also covers the outstanding mission and extraordinary responsibility of each of our SupeZET people - "wisdom" is not the wisdom of one person, but the collective wisdom, integration of teamwork, stimulate the broad resonance of strategic development goals, and realize the organic coupling of innovative thinking mode and macro strategic planning. By working together 踔厉, we can draw up a blueprint for future development.
       Time changes, faith endures. Stepping into the 19-year-old SupeZET shares across the magnificent mountains and rivers, see all the spring and autumn fruits, leaving too many stories worth remembering and writing. Standing at the starting point of the New Year, and with all investors, customers, partners and employees to drink wine in the cup, a cup of memories of the past, a cup of respect for the infinite mountains and rivers, a cup to send a splendid future.
       Mountains and seas are not far from where the heart wants.

Chairman of SupeZET Shares   Zhang Jinhong
On January 1, 2022    
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