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{dede:fiDigital transformation of state-owned enterprises:Break through the core technology to release the economic superposition
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{dede:field.body/} Original title:Digital transformation of state-owned enterprises:Breaking through a number of core technologies to release the superimposed effect on economic development
  People's Daily Beijing, April 26 (Reporter Du Yanfei) On April 25, during the fourth Digital China Construction Summit, the State-owned enterprise digital transformation sub-forum with the theme of "digital empowerment of State-owned enterprises, innovation leads the future" was held in Fuzhou.
  Participants believed that at present, digital has played an important role in enabling the high-quality development of state-owned enterprises, and it is necessary to further promote the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises, implement special action plans, increase scientific and technological innovation, build a collaborative innovation platform, give play to the strategic support role of state-owned economy, and release the amplification, superposition and multiplication role of digital on economic development. Promote high-quality economic development in China.
Digital transformation of state-owned enterprises:Break through the core technology to release the economic superposition
A sub-forum on digital transformation of State-owned enterprises with the theme of "Digital Empowerment of State-owned Enterprises, Innovation leading the future" was held in Fuzhou. State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council
  We will strengthen scientific and technological innovation to promote the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises
  "We should proceed from the overall development of state-owned assets and soes, more firmly, more comprehensively and more deeply promote the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises, help strengthen, improve and expand state-owned capital and state-owned enterprises, and give full play to the role of state-owned economic support." State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council Party Committee member, deputy director Weng Jieming said.
  Weng Jiemin pointed out that it is necessary to stimulate the vitality of enterprise transformation, focus on strengthening data-driven and system integration, organize the implementation of special action plans for the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises, and drive the all-round change of enterprise production mode, operation model and governance system. We will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, strengthen the deep integration of digital technologies with the real economy, promote digital product innovation, intelligent production and operation, agile user services, and ecological industrial systems, and improve the quality and efficiency of enterprise development. We will increase the growth momentum of enterprises, strengthen innovation in key digital technologies, accelerate the development of new infrastructure, foster a number of leading enterprises in cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence, and develop and expand the digital industry.
  Weng Jiemin stressed that focusing on the major strategic needs of the country and the bottleneck of industrial development, gathering elite forces, overcoming key core technologies such as core electronic components, high-end chips, and core industrial software, creating the source of original technologies, and accelerating the self-reliance of science and technology. Focus on intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, promote the innovation and development of the industrial Internet, accelerate the fundamental change of manufacturing production methods and enterprise forms, and create a number of benchmark enterprises for digital transformation. It is necessary to focus on smart energy, smart transportation and smart construction, and cultivate a number of digital technology application scenarios.
  Weng Jieming pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen departmental collaboration and create a policy environment that enables enterprises to digital transformation. Promote industrial collaboration, give play to the role of leading enterprises in the industry, join hands with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, build a number of digital collaborative innovation platforms, and cultivate an industrial ecology that enables enterprises to digital transformation. Deepen exchanges and cooperation, build exchange and cooperation platforms for digital transformation, promote the integrated development of large, small and medium-sized enterprises, and create a good atmosphere that enables enterprises to make digital transformation.
  Give play to the leading role of the industry to release the role of digital in economic development
  "At present, there is still much room for improvement in the driving role of digital transformation on economic development in China, and digital transformation faces challenges in many aspects such as system, management, technology and talent." Mei Hong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and vice president of the PLA Academy of Military Sciences, said there is a particular problem of "don't want to, don't dare, won't".
  To this end, Mei Hong suggested that the first is to cast the soul of the idea, through "emancipating the mind" and "changing the concept" to establish "Internet thinking" and "digital thinking"; The second is to build the foundation of education, and build a digital talent training system that ADAPTS to the new needs of information technology in an all-round, multi-level and frequent iteration; Planning and guidance, overall system, coordinated promotion of information construction; The third is case demonstration, which carries out multi-level, multi-directional and multi-approach pilot demonstration projects at the national, industrial and enterprise levels to provide a model for large-scale digital transformation.
  On the promotion of digital transformation, Sheng Ronghua, deputy director of the Central Network Information Office, put forward three suggestions: First, activate the potential of data elements, further release the magnification, superposition and multiplication of digital on economic development, and promote the collaborative transformation of the whole industrial chain enabled by data. Second, build a strong network security barrier, strengthen the network security system and capacity building, strengthen the protection of critical information infrastructure, and effectively ensure data security. Third, to build a good industrial ecology, state-owned enterprises should play a leading, demonstration and radiating role, form a pattern of integrated development of large, small and medium-sized enterprises, and promote the digital transformation and high-quality development of China's economy.
  Xu Weize, vice chairman of the Fujian Provincial CPPCC and member of the Party Group, said that Fujian will encourage and support central enterprises to participate in the construction of digital government and digital people's livelihood in Fujian province; We will accelerate the building of regional innovation hubs for scientific and technological self-reliance, and promote the deep integration of industry, universities and research institutes with enterprises as the mainstay.
  Promote high-quality development of enterprises with digital empowerment
  "Digital transformation is a profound change in the thinking, values and culture of central enterprises." Rui Xiaowu, secretary of the Party Group and chairman of China Electronics Information Industry Group Co., LTD., said that China Electronics will adhere to the security first, comprehensive cloud, mobile integration into the three needs, mining data value from top to bottom, focusing on cooperation and construction, application reconstruction, and empowering the middle, supporting the development of the core business in the digital transformation, improving the efficiency of strategic management and control, and cohesion of innovation and development culture.
  "China Mobile is comprehensively promoting the construction of information infrastructure, promoting the transformation of digital intelligence in the whole society, accelerating the integration and innovation of information technology, the deep integration of information technology with the economy, society and people's livelihood, implementing the 'smart with data' action, consolidating new infrastructure, activating new elements, enriching new forms of business, building new security, and opening up new channels for new development patterns." China Mobile Communications Group Co., LTD. Deputy Party secretary, general manager Dong Xin said.
  "The promotion of digital transformation in the aviation industry is to recreate a 'digital aviation' industry, and to undertake the construction requirements of 'digital China' and 'digital central enterprises' through' digital aviation '." Yang Wei, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, member of the Party Group and deputy general manager of Aviation Industry Corporation of China, said that for the manufacturing industry, comprehensive upgrading should be achieved through the main ways of product digital expression, manufacturing, design and virtual testing, full-cycle data management, and digitalization of the whole business field.
  Ding Yanzhang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of China Power Construction Group Co., LTD., said that China Power Construction relies on the "big infrastructure" of "water, energy and city" and constantly studies and explores the deep integration of digitalization and construction methods, business concepts, market forms and industry management. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, PowerChina will comprehensively build an enterprise digital transformation and development ecology, and create a "engineering construction community of destiny".
  On the same day, the Forum released 10 digital technology achievements of state-owned enterprises, launched the "Initiative to jointly Build Digital State-owned Enterprises" and the "Initiative to Jointly promote the Healthy and Sustainable development of Platform economy norms", and proposed to jointly promote industrial digital transformation, promote the development of digital industrialization, strengthen the innovation and application of digital technology, build a new digital infrastructure, and create a collaborative ecology of digital transformation. To help strengthen, improve and expand state capital and state-owned enterprises; Jointly promote the standardized, healthy and sustainable development of the platform economy, contribute to the construction of a new development pattern for services and promote high-quality economic and social development.
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