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{dede:fiTo "chain intelligent manufacturing" to stimulate new kinetic energy
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{dede:field.body/}     The strategic planning concept proposed and applied by Shanghai SupeZET Engineering Technology Co., LTD. (SupeZET for short) is the innovation of business philosophy and business model. It is mainly the phenomenon that related and interactive cooperative enterprises, specialized suppliers, service providers, relevant industrial manufacturers and relevant institutions in the industry, such as universities, scientific research institutions, standard-setting institutions, industry associations, etc. gather in a specific region, and form industrial clusters by integrating industrial chain elements such as design, innovation and manufacturing, and connecting the upstream and downstream of terminal products. Form a new business model of modular, unitized R & D production and integrated supply.
Through the intelligent business model of the chain, it can greatly improve the technological innovation force of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, shorten the innovation cycle, and greatly reduce the communication cost and logistics cost between enterprises, forming a virtuous circle of symbiosis, mutual benefit and win-win.  
Chinese name:Make a chain intelligently
English name:Industrial Chain Aggregation & Intelligent Manufacturing
Applicable fields: business model, industrial ecology, production and operation, enterprise management, sales and service
Presenter:Shanghai SupeZET Engineering Technology Co., LTD 
    From the basic level, SupeZET's strategic planning of "chain intelligent manufacturing" is the development of industrial chain aggregation and intelligent manufacturing; From the extension level, it is the deep integration of the three industrial chains of manufacturing, design and innovation, and the wide application of digital technology and intelligent management system in the production process, to promote the development of the industrial chain in the middle and downstream, and to form an industrial ecology of collaborative interaction and highly cooperative development.
That is, through the integration of the design industry chain, innovation industry chain and manufacturing industry chain, the formation of industrial clusters, and the upstream and downstream of terminal products, the formation of a new business model of modular R & D production and integrated supply.
Synchaining:Gather upstream and downstream industry chain, innovation industry chain, design industry chain, manufacturing industry chain and other whole industry chain elements;
Intelligent manufacturing:Empower products through innovation; Improve production efficiency and technology added value through digital intelligence enabling and intelligent operation and maintenance.
 As the national 14th Five-Year Plan emphasizes the realization of economic and industrial circulation, the smart business model of chain manufacturing came into being. Through this model, industrial agglomeration can be realized, while increasing local representative industries and benchmarking parks, increasing technology research and development forces of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, reducing transportation costs and communication costs, and achieving a virtuous circle of mutual benefit and win-win.
    In the planning of Shanghai Digital Innovation Center, SupeZET Intelligent reloading Industrial Park and Daishan Petrochemical economic recycling industrial Park, SupeZET Shares took the lead in proposing and applying the concept of "chain intelligent manufacturing", which is often used in the planning and investment promotion of new industrial parks, science and technology cities and industrial parks.
1、It can greatly reduce the transaction costs between upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain;
2、Upstream and downstream enterprises refine the division of labor, develop to specialized and special, and promote innovation ;
3、Industrial clusters can improve the overall bargaining power of cluster enterprises.
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